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@Khunnie0624 Hotties~ Thank you for coming to such a far away place!! Go back home safe! Khun night!! =]
@taeccool > @Khunnie0624 Catching Khunnie’s mood~ Go back safe~
@Jun2daKAY > @taeccool @Khunnie0624 Getting the spirit from Khunni & Taecyeoni, our hotties go back home safe!!^^
@dlwnsghek > @Khunnie0624 @taeccool @Jun2daKAY Getting the spirit from my hyungs. Go back home safelyy~
@2PMagreement211 > @Khunnie0624 @taeccool @dlwnsghek @Jun2daKAY I’m almost there

Translated by 2pmalways

(Source: fuckyeahjun-k)

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